"A bottle of mine made me laugh, it made me cringe, it was deeply touching and after all that it was a great bottle of red. No sign of a tacky label with my name stuck on cheap plonk. A fantastic gift." Serena Townsend

"Last Christmas I was shocked to unwrap an unusual bottle of red wine from one of my best friends, it seemed an obscure gift to receive from her. It wasn't till I looked at the bottle closely that I realised this was a bottle with a difference, this particular shiraz was a 1987 shanklin vintage...the year that I was born and the street we first lived in together!? Turning the bottle around to read more, there was a creative description of myself and our friendship and fun times we shared as students together. I have cherished this bottle ever since, a hilarious memento of a great friend and now a useful candle holder and conversational piece on my dinner table." Hannah Ball

“I received a really unusual but fun gift recently. As a person who studies wine it is good to have some description about the bottle of wine but this time it was about me. My name, year of birth and the description was about my personality, my cheeky cousin summed me up quite well, using words like full bodied, and robust, strength of character, mature aged.... A fun, humorous gift." Angela Marshall